Ein Kommentar aus Mexiko (via Facebook):

This is a Hello from Mexico City. I just finished reading your novel „En el corazón de los fiordos“, that’s the name in Spanish, and I loved it. I bought it because I made a trip through the fjords and I fell in love with them and with Norway. I have right in front of me a picture I took which is very similar to your book’s cover. When I was there I wondered how people lived and how they thought, so your book was very appealing for me. I loved Mari, Joachim, Lisa, Amund, Nora Tekkla, Nilla and all the characters. Even the stubborn males (Men are so alike all over the world, lol) Made me think how we complain about so many silly things and forget what true suffering is. Than you, I will recommend your novel and hope you have a long life as a writer.
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